The Importance of Choosing the Right Lawyer

It’s simple—you want to know you’re covered legally, financially, and ethically. The right lawyer will be completely upfront with you about everything you can expect from the process, including and especially what you pay. The right lawyer will also not put your case on the backburner; they will remain in constant communication through every step.

Most Law Offices Charge Extra Fees, But Will Not Tell You About Them.

They will charge you the court filing fee (approximately $100.00), but not include it in their quote even though they are aware that fee will always apply.

If you have a house or other property, other law firms will charge you a fee for writing each deed that transfers the property to one person’s name.

Other firms may charge you to print a form to transfer title for any vehicles, even if it’s easier and less costly to go to the license bureau. If you have a retirement account like an IRA, SIMPLE, 401(k), etc., other firms will charge you an arm and a leg to file the order (called a QDRO) to divide it.

Bruce Galloway Law Has No Hidden Fees

Bruce Galloway Law charges NO HIDDEN FEES. Court costs, deeds, and any title transfer documents are included. Special orders the court needs to divide retirement accounts are included.

Uncontested with
NO Children

If you and your spouse’s total assets are under $250,000, regardless of the value of your debt (including mortgage), the fee is $1,500.
OR If you and your spouse’s total assets are over $250,000, or one of your income’s is over $100,000, the fee is $3,000.

WITH Children

If you and your spouse’s total assets are under $250,000, regardless of the value of your debt (including mortgage), the fee is $2,000.
OR If you and your spouse’s total assets are over $250,000, or one of your income’s is over $100,000, the fee is $3,250.

Bruce Galloway Law Has the Tools for a Successful Outcome

  • We have a secure portal to receive your confidential information.
  • We have secure electronic storage.
  • If a term is illegal, we tell you and explain it. An attorney will send you a work around without charge.
  • We are a trial office. The attorney has nearly 30 years of trial experience. That attorney reviews every set of documents that comes out of the office.
  • You will be working with paralegals who have years of experience working on legal documents.
  • We represent high-asset and high-income earners, people with complicated custody agreements. We use the best documents we know about to help you.
  • We write in plain English so you know what you are signing. If you don’t understand it, we will rewrite it.
  • If a judge ever questions our documents, our attorney will go to court with you, answer questions and if needed, make changes to them, without extra charge. It’s our guarantee.
  • We partner with the best people to help clients sell homes, refinance debt, and plan financial futures.
  • We believe that you and your spouse are best equipped to make a lasting and fair agreement!
  • We are invested in the success of your agreement!

Bruce Galloway Law Cares

We BELIEVE IN WHAT WE DO. Two adults can and should make decisions for themselves and their children.

We STAND BEHIND OUR WORK. If the judge has a question about the paperwork, our lawyers will handle it.

We WANT YOUR AGREEMENT TO BE ACCEPTED. If you have a term that is not legal, we will suggest a way to make it legal and still honor your intention.

We GIVE YOU OUR BEST WORK. We are experienced in drafting documents that adhere to the strict guidelines of the Missouri Courts.

We PUT YOUR AGREEMENT FIRST. Your agreement is not put on the back of our “to do” list while a lawyer goes to trial on another case.

Who Do We Work With?

We are hired by anyone who made a complete agreement with their spouse. We cannot represent the two of you, but our agreements require both sides to be truthful and disclosing. Both parties will have our complete honesty, and we will discourage anyone from signing a document unless they verify that they understand each term. The only advising we will do in this process will be to ensure the terms used in the agreement are legal terms. Your agreement will be carefully reviewed by our office to ensure it is legally binding and that all terms are clearly spelled out.

Can You and Your Spouse Handle the Case on Your Own?

If you know from the start that you have a divorce case that you and your spouse can handle without help, we need only worry about the paperwork. Bruce Galloway Law will handle this for a single fee with BGL, regardless of how many children you have, how much property, or debt.

Ready to get started?
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Bruce Galloway will help you determine if you qualify for an uncontested divorce and walk you through all the steps to ensure the process is as seamless and quick as possible. This includes drafting all court documents, deeds, gift affidavits, as well as notarizing those documents, representation should the judge have questions, and more. We handle the minutiae so you can focus on moving forward.